Database Coding

Our goal is to design and code your database with one simple goal in mind... fast and easy access to your information.  We can offer insight and present ideas of how your database should be designed to best fit for your specific needs in a cost effective manner. 


The term "database coding" can be interchangeable with term "document indexing".   Typically if you're having your e-mails converted (i.e. Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.) the "metadata" that's associated with the e-mail can be extracted and imported into a database which will update the field information regarding the To; From; Cc; Bcc; E-mail Subject; Date Sent; Time Sent  just to name a few! This information can be imported into most review database software.  But, there may be a times when the electronic files you're converting will not have enough metadata or may not have any metadata, especially if you're scanning hard copies.   

This is when your document retrieval needs may require more. By coding the fields in the database, you'll be able to find your documents using specific search criteria based on the database fields you code.  There are two different ways of coding documents.  One way is call "Objective Coding" and the other is "Subjective Coding".

Objective Coding:  This type of coding is done by extracting basic information from the document itself.  Typically, the basic fields we populate (code) would be the Document Date, Doc Type, Document Title, Author, Recipient, Cc, and Bates Number.

Subjective Coding: This type of coding is done by reviewing and summarizing the content of the document.  This is usually done for purposes of Issue Coding, Witness Coding, or creating a Summary of the document along with the other fields mentioned above under Objective coding.

Database can range from two fields to hundreds of fields, but our main objective, whether your database is big or small, is for you to find your information … and fast!  If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you with your database coding needs, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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